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Paula Maynard
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With the emphasis our culture places on physical beauty, it should be no surprise that people are willing to do just about anything if it means looking their best, even if that includes spending large amounts of money to undergo medical operations and procedures that are often painful and can even be dangerous. For instance, people who wish to reverse the negative effects aging has been known to have on their skin frequently turn to Collagen, an injectable supplement capable of erasing the unsightly lines and wrinkles that begin to plague your skin as it becomes less capable of regenerating and repairing itself with age.

Considering just how quick and effective a Collagen injection can be, it’s no surprise that the procedure is currently one of the most popular quick fixes when it comes to skincare. However, Collagen may not be the safest, most convenient or even the best option when it comes to improving and protecting your skin. Collagen injections are often painful, and frequently leave unsightly bruises; not to mention the fact that the high price tag may eliminate Collagen as an option before you can really even consider it.

Fortunately, there are alternative options that are both more convenient and less expensive than a pricey and painful injection from your dermatologist. For example, if you remain patient and dedicated to an easy skincare routine, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to achieve Botax-like effects by using convenient and relatively inexpensive skincare creams and ointments. Thanks to recent breakthroughs in research related to stem cells and collagen, skincare products are more effective than ever when it comes to naturally preserving both the health and beauty of your skin, even as it ages over time.

While previous controversy has prevented developments in stem cell research in the past, recent advancements have recently led to exciting breakthroughs in the field of stem cell-based skincare. While human skin stem cells are capable of fighting and repairing skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays, the speed and strength of these restorative cells decreases over time as our bodies age, resulting in the persistence of wrinkles and fine lines. However, by obtaining extracts of stem cells commonly found in botanical organisms capable of powerful regeneration – such as fruits that are able to stay fresh for long periods of time – skincare developers have been able to create products that harness these regenerative abilities. Using skincare products such as those containing botanical stem cells not only helps prevent lasting ultraviolent damage to your skin, but promotes the health and goal of your own skin’s stem cells as well, ideally triggering the anti-aging effects that they’re capable of producing.

Effective and healthy skincare can also be achieved through the use of supplements containing collagen, a protein that your body uses to maintain firmness and elasticity in physical structures such as tendons, cartilage and of course, your skin. Much in the same way our stem cells lose their ability to regenerate and repair damage as we age, our body’s production of collagen diminishes as well, allowing the strength and elasticity of your skin to decline and degrade. The results are common physical signs of aging such as the wrinkly skin and unsightly facial lines that lead many to consider Collagen.

But instead of saving your hard earned money for expensive and inconvenient procedures, you may want to consider looking into a skincare product that contains collagen. Today, many skincare products on the market contain collagen type one, which experts agree is the most effective type of collagen when it comes to helping you maintain the strength and elasticity required to keep your skin looking attractive and healthy.

While everyone wants to be healthy and attractive, we are often taken in by the prospect of miracle cures and quick fixes – hence why Collagen is one of the most popular options available to people looking to maintain their skin’s health and beauty. However, by regularly using convenient and inexpensive skincare products rich in stem cells or collagen, you can keep your skin looking attractive and healthy all by yourself, without the need for expensive, inconvenient and even painful Collagen injections.

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