What Are Stem Cells?

Paula Maynard
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Due to their regenerative properties, stem cells have long been the focus of an ongoing conversation about how we may be able to harness their restorative capabilities and use them for health, nutrition and cosmetic purposes. Today, we know more than ever about how stem cells can be incorporated into health products to supply you with their seemingly miraculous abilities.

Stem cell research has played a particularly significant role in the development of the skincare industry, due to the possibility that the application of stem cells may aid in the restoration and defense of healthy and attractive skin. We live in a world where the way you look matters, where people are constantly in search of ways to keep themselves looking as youthful, attractive and healthy as possible. Of course, it isn’t always easy to keep yourself looking your best; there’s no shortage of environmental factors that may leave your skin looking cracked, dried out or damaged as it naturally becomes less capable of protecting and healing itself over time. Fortunately, stem cell research has helped the skin care industry to make great strides in developing and producing products and supplements designed to fight the effects of aging and keep you looking your best.

All living organisms have stem cells – undifferentiated cells that are capable of producing an indefinite number of cells of the same type, which can then produce other kinds of cells through the process of differentiation. Human skin stem cells typically remain dormant near sweat glands or hair follicles until your body emits “signals” that sends them into repair mode, in which they can be utilized to create lips, carbohydrates and proteins that can be used to help repair such common forms of skin damage such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Unfortunately, our skin stem cells regenerate more slowly as time passes and we grow older, losing their ability to respond to skin damage as quickly and effectively as they once did. Eventually, the amount of regenerated skin cells becomes outweighed by the healthy cells’ dying counterparts, which results in common physical signs of aging, such as wrinkly lax skin. The goal of stem cell-based skincare products is to provide your aging body with the help it needs to sustain this regeneration process, in order to keep your skin healthy and attractive. Thanks to the presence of these restorative ingredients, skincare products containing skin cells are capable of healing and protecting your skin in ways that other products can not.

Researchers have discovered that a variety of different stem cells can be utilized in skincare products to lend them restorative and regenerative effects. In the past developers have used stem cells harvested from humans themselves. While human embryonic stem cells are still widely considered to be the most effective in terms of reproduction and regeneration, surrounding controversy has prevented this research from making the kinds of advancements that may still remain possible.

Fortunately, skincare researchers have recently discovered ways to harness the restorative properties of various types of stem cells, such as those naturally found in botanical organisms capable of intense and powerful regeneration. After close study of plants and fruits that are known to stay fresh for a long time, such as roses, edelweiss and Swiss apples, skincare researchers have found that extracts of botanical stem cells may be capable of reversing and combatting the damaging effects ultraviolet radiation, collectively referred to as photoaging. Thus, the application of a skincare product containing extracts of botanical stem cells may potentially encourage and promote the growth of your own skin’s stem-cells, ideally triggering the anti-aging effects that they’re capable of producing.

While you may believe unattractive and unhealthy skin to be an inevitable part of growing older, it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of safe and convenient products available to help keep your skin healthy and attractive, even as it ages naturally. Just remember: if you’re looking for a skincare product to help fight photoaging and other varieties of skin damage, a stem-cell based supplement capable of encouraging your own stem-cells and helping your skin help itself will most likely be your best bet for a healthier and more attractive “you”.

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